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NEWS 2018

We had very successful year !

family trip to Amsterdam - World dog show 2018
Club shows KCHLS 2018 - of Klamar garden team
Elodea of KG - Club winner 2018, BOB
Echinops of KG - Club winner 2018
Ficus of KG - Junior Club winner 2018
Camelia of KG - BOV Sunday Club show
Fittonia of KG - BOJ a BOS Sunday Club show
Club show SK 2018 - Pezinok
Elodea of KG - Club winner, BOB a BIS
Fittonia of KG - Junior Club winner SK, BOJ
Fittonia and Fagus of KG
Fagus of KG - Excellent 2 MVP Mladá Boleslav
Fittonia of KG - CAJC MVP Mladá Boleslav
IHA Wels
DRAM TEAM :-) Kamilka, Didi a Tonča
Club Working test Sloveč 2018
Elodea of KG - I.price res CACT
Fittonia of KG - Working Trial test III.cena
Fittonia of KG
hunting season 2018 MS CHoltice



NEWS 2017


for all KLAMAR family and all our friends

23.12. Our 6 girls together :-) I love them so much and small "angel" Fittonia has to be always in the middle to be ensured by all family.


Our small girl Fittonia "Tonička" is very very interesting what her mother and granny brought back from hunting .Clever girl!


News from homes of F boys :-) All are lovely, nice and clever boys and I´m so happy and proud !

Fissidens of KG - Berry
Ficus of KG - Eddie
Fagus of KG - Foggy
Fraxinus of KG - Ferry
Filago of KG - Charlie


9 weeks , together in the garden




Puppies are here! 24.7. we invited 6 new members of Klamar garden - Liver and white 5 boys and 1 girl.

Mother and puppies are going well and we enjoy the puppy time :-)


F-vrh 7 weeks





20.8. Puppies will have 4 weeks and enjoy the life = eating, sleaping, playing and discovering of the world. Nice age :-) They are so cute and lovely :-)))


13.8. Puppies will have 3 weeks tomorrow. They are growing really well. Their main daily program is eating and sleaping = they have 2kg :-) They start to play and move in their box.


3.8. The puppies are growing really well. They have 1and half week and passed 1kg :-) They have great mother who listen very carefully their demands :-)

here are our F puppies : Fissidens, Ficus, Fagus, Fraxinus, Filago and Fittonia

boy 1

boy 2

boy 3

boy 4

boy 5

princess :-)



CH Elodea of Klamar garden
Plaiglen All that Jazz




NEWS 2016

The end of 2016 arrive and I finaly prepared the actualization of our WEB page :-))).

We have and we had good year. We finished the reconstruction of our house, we are alive and healthy :-), we plan the puppies and our dogs obtained very nice results on the shows and passed successfully the working tests. Not all was pink this year, we lost our love and pride foundation female Ciboullete (15years).She is watching us from the heaven now. She will be always with us in her progeny.

This year is and was a year of our young hopes

Didi CZ CH Elodea of Klamar garden. She started with CACIB on International show in Ceske Budejovice, after she won CAC and Club winner on Club show of KCHLS, she passed the Working Ability test in I.price. Next she won Best In Show on second Club show of KCHLS and CAC, CACIB and Best Of Breed on International show in Prague. And she passed the Trial working test in I. price. Very good girl :-)

Nor Swe CH Euphrasia of Klamar garden didn´t stay back and she achived fantastic results on the show this year too. She is now Norwegian and Swedish Show Champion! We are so so proud of our girl and big congratulation and thanks to her owner.

Echinops of Klamar garden obtained nice results on his two show this year too - on Internationl dog Show in Prague he finished Excellent 3 in open class and on Club show he was Excellent 2 and res CAC in open class. Super results for so young team of boys :-). Thanks to his owner Martin and all familly for thier love and care of Eddie.

The mother of this very successfull team Kamila Int CH Camelia of Klamar garden passed the shows with super results (always won the champion class and obtained CAC titel) but in the final she was beaten by her daughter Elodea :-) This is a dream for every breeders and I´m so so happy and proude of my lovely and sweet princesse.

We plan her second puppies for the end of this year.


NEWS 2015

8.8. Second Club show KCHLS in Pardubic and judge Mrs F. Jackson (Mompesson) from UK. This show was special for our little kennel, because it´s exactly 10 years when the first puppies were born with affix Klamar garden and we had represent of each litter on this show! A = CH Acer of Klamar garden, B = CH Begonia of Klamar garden, C = ICH Camelia of Klamar garden, D = U,CH Danaea of Klamar garden, E = JCH Elodea a Echinops of Klamar garden. All obtained EXCELLENT and were place in their classes. The top award of the day was the win the BIS breeding group for us. More Carda - CH Acer of Klamar garden finished on second place in BIS Veteran competition and our youngest Didi - Elodea of Klamar garden won BIS Junior of the show.

We are so happy and proud of our breed and we would like to thanks to all our friends for help, support and presentation. Congratulation to Klamar´s English springer spaniels.

Thanks for the photos to Markéta Kadlecova, Markéta Procházkova and Zuzana Urie.

from right to left - Acer, Begonia, Camelia, Danaea, Elodea, Echinops = Klamar garden :-)

CH Acer of Klamar garden - Carda, 10 years - Excellent 1, Best veteran in breed, BIS 2 veteran

CH Begonia of Klamar garden - Boženka, 8 years - Excellent 1

ICH Camelia of Klamar garden - Kamilka, 5 years - Excellent 1, CAC

U,CH Danaea of Klamar garden - Bugina, 3 years - Excellent 2, res CAC

Echinops of Klamar garden - Edi, 1 year - Excellent 3

JCH Elodea of Klamar garden - Didi, 1 year - Excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ, BIS Junior

BIS Breeding group


23.7. Didi - JCH Elodea of Klamar garden has HIPs score A /A !


18.7. Kamilka - ICH Camelia of Klamar garden passed the Forest trial test and she finished in II. price with 286 points. Very hot day and our princess was excellent as usual :-) I love my sweet girl.



6.7. News dosn´t come so often this year :-) At first I would like to send greetings and best wishes to all our children .

A-litter will celebrate 10 years in one month and Im so happy, that all are in very good condition and still very active.

B-litter passed 8 years in June. Welcome new veterans :-)

C-litter passed 5 years in May in full condition

D-litter celebrated 3 years in March

E-litter celebrated 1 year in March

Our foundation female Cibule celebrated her 14th birthdays in May. Always hungry and in relative good condition :-)

Ciboulette de Syringa

Amaranthus of Klamar garden June 2015

Allium of Klamar garden June 2015

CH Acacia of Klamar garden in June 2015 won local show Kunratice and she was happy and gleaming in the ring!

Arrived news from Elvis and Aki. They are young, happy and full of life :-)

Eranthus of Klamar garden

Erica of Klamar garden

May 2015 and International dog show Litoměřice - our family represented lovely female Bubu Danaea of Klamar garden She won champion class and was places second best female of show. Ex1, CAC, res CACIB . Big congratulation! Judge Mr Václavík.


Our first show in the year was International dog show Praha. Judge A.Buvik (N). We showed our youngest girl Elodea for the first time and Camelia. Only 14th months old won Ex1, CAJC, BOJ and finaly BOB and beated her mother! Very nice and good start of show career :-) And she finalized her super day with BIS Junior 2nd place and BIS all group 2nd place. Camelia won the best adult female, Ex1, CAC and CACIB. Great day for our kennel.

Elodea of Klamar garden (Didi) with her cups from Praha


Next weekend - 9.-10.5. we entred our girls to Club show at Saturday and Special club show at Sunday in Humpolec. Very important shows and I decided to entry Begonia, Camelia and Elodea = one family line (granny, mother and daughter). Our judges were Mrs J.Madsen (DK) for Saturday and Mrs V.Madsen (DK) for Sunday. The results of shows couldn´t be better for us - all girls won her classes : Elodea best Junior, Camelia won CAC from working class and Begonia won CAC from champion class. In the competion for Club winner, Camelia beated her mother Begonia and won the titel Club winner2015. In the final ring for BOB, it was Elodea who beated her mother Camelia and the youngest won BOB! So so good result for us , we are going in the right direction! Elodea showed her quality in the competion of all BOBs from day and she persuaded the judges that it is she who have to win - she won BIS all spaniels. The dream day!!!

For Sunday I had only Elodea and Camelia with me. And the day finish with the same result - Elodea won BOB and she repeated her super appearance in final ring and she won BIS all spaniels second time!

Elodea comleted her Junior show champion and Camelia and Begonia are Club champions now!

Many thanks to judges for so nice results and special big thanks to my Klamar family and all friends for support from outside of ring.

JCH Elodea of Klamar garden, IntCH Camelia of Klamar garden, CH Begonia of Klamar garden

Elodea and Camelia of Klamar garden

Begonia of Klamar garden

Camelia of Klamar garden

Elodea - BOB Saturday, judge Mrs Jessie Madsen

Elodea - BOB Sunday, judge Mrs Vibe Madsen


One very fresh news comes from Norway. Euphrasia of Klamar garden won her third CC and she completed condition for Norwegian show champion!!! I´m very proud of our little girl, she appeared on three shows and she always obtained CC. Saturday Club show with 41 entries, judge T.Hovila FI and Clara finished as 3rd best bitch and CC. Sunday International dog show with 40 entries, judge Aase JakobsenThanks and Clara won 2nd best bitch and CC. Many thanks to all judges for so nice results and Anne for lovely care and presentation of Clara.



22.3.Yaer 2014 was very successful for our small kennel. Our females took 1st places in the competition for the Best working ESS female of year and Best show ESS female of year ! Great job and huge congratulation!!!!

Danaea of Klamar garden - 1st place in Best working ESS female of the year 2014

Camelia of Klamar garden - 1st place in females and absolute winner in Best show ESS of the year 2014 and plus 3rd place in Best working female ESS of the year 2014


7.3. Our E puppies celebrated their first birthdays! Good luck and only the best wishes for all.



15.2. I would like to show on our web pages that our dogs are not only lovely friendly pet dogs, winners on shows but also very good working dogs.

Choltice - 6.12.2014 a 20.12. 2014

Derek (Winterwater Creek´s Dream Wizard), Bohunka (Dahlia of KG), Didi (Elodea of KG), Boogie (Danaea of KG), Tulča (Betula of KG), Kamilka (Camelia of KG)



Konopiště - 26.1. 2015

Danaea of Klamar garden


Euphrasia of Klamar garden started her show careers very well! Judge was Vibeke Paulsen. Firts show in Junior class and our lovely girl won Junior class and she gave CKs. Final competition for best female and Clara was place second afterInt + SW + Nor Ch and the CAC was award to our Clara!!! Very big congratulation and many thanks for representation of our kennel. Thank for the lovely photos to Hans-Arne Paulsen.


11.1. We had many visites during the Chrismas holidays :-)

Didi, Kamilka a Elvis

Eranthis of Klamar garden - Elvis


Kamilka, Didi a Edi

Echinops of Klamar garden - Edi






NEWS 2014

30.12. Finaly we are back :-)

the star of the year is Boogie CH, U Danaea of Klamar garden

1) she passed working tests with reglement B during all year 2014 and now she is UNIVERSAL working dog! It would like to say - she knows all :-) Very big congratulation to Zuzka and Boogie for super job!



2) Trial test SV.HUBERT , reglement A and our lovely Boogie with her owner took 1. place from 17 dogs! There is so importent to work together - hunter and dog and for win you have be real team. And the girls are the best team :-) Second day their finished on second place from 13th dogs and their received nomination for International Trial test reglement A in Serbia 2015!!! Congratulation ladies!!!

3) shows : Boogie is Czech show champion ! On the club show KCHLS in Humpolec - Ex 1, CAC and MVP Mladá Boleslav Ex1, CAC, CACIB



Dorinka Daphne of Klamar garden - on show NV Mladá Boleslav Ex1, CAC, National winner! Congratulation


Datches Drosera of Klamar garden on MVP Mladá Boleslav Ex.1, CAC. She passed the health test with excellent result Hips A/A.


Rony Clematis of Klamar garden - on club show KCHPS Slovakia Ex 1, CAC (judge Mr Armstrong z UK) and on Club show KASS titul res CC (judge Mr G.Lawler z UK). Congratulation


Dustin Buxus of Klamar garden - on club show KASS (judge G.Lawler from GB) Ex 1 . Congratulation


Our star of kennel Kamilka Camelia of Klamar garden passed two hunting tests with super results during one weekend in August. First day was Retrieving trial test and we finished in I.price with titel res. CACT. Second day wor Special water trial test and there she showed that the water is her top and she won the spaniel category and she won the titel CACT. Very bussy but super nice weekend!

We didn´t forget the shows and Camelia received very nice results during autumn 2014.

We started on beginning of September with Slovakia Club show and here Camelia won BOB and BIS ! The junge wos Mr Armstrong from UK. Second show weekend was Tulln in Austria on the end of September and there we finish with very nice resultes too - Saturday Internation show with result Ex.1, CAC, res CACIB and Sunday Club show of Oesterreichischer Jagdspanielklub and there she won CAC and BOB. The last show in 2014 was DuoCacib Prague and there Camelia won Saturday Ex.1, CAC, CACIB and BOB judge D.Shields from UK and Sanduy Ex.1, CAC, CACIB under judge Vasiljevic from Russia.



I have to commend our Dereka Winterwater Creek´s Dream Wizard, he passed the Hunting Trial test SV.HUBERT and he finished 6th from 17 doogs!!! Very very big congratulation because this test is really about hunting and cooperation between dog and owner! His daughter Boogie gave 1st place !


10.5. Danaea of Klamar garden - Boogie passed the Club hunting test in II. Price and one week later she took CAC on Club show! Well done and huge congratulation and welcome between CZECH SHOW CHAMPIONs! :-)



Our foundation female Ciboulette de Syringa celebrated 6.5. her 13th birthday!


our kennel star Camelia and young english gentleman Woody are proud parents of 5 puppies

photos by Petr Sapík

each puppy have family photo - E..., mother Camelia, grandmother Begonia, grand grandmother Ciboulette


photos by Markéta Kadlecová


8 weeks

sunshine day ...

kiss for mother ...


all together...

little homeless...

saint mother...

boy Echinops of Klamar garden "Edi"

boy Eranthis of Klamar garden "Elvis"

girl Euphrasia of Klamar garden "Clara"

girl Elodea of Klamar garden "Didi"

girl Erica of Klamar garden "Aki"



4 weeks

pejsek Echinops of Klamar garden "Edi"
pejsek Eranthis of Klamar garden "Scot"
fenka Euphrasia of Klamar garden "Eufrozinka"
fenka Elodea of Klamar garden "Lada"
fenka Erica of Klamar garden "Erika"


2 weeks old

boy Echinops of Klamar garden "Edi"
boy Eranthis of Klamar garden "Scot"
girl Euphrasia of Klamar garden "Eufrozinka"
girl Elodea of Klamar garden "Lada"
girl Erica of Klamar garden "Erika"






dog Echinops of Klamar garden "Edi"
dog Eranthis of Klamar garden "Scot"
female Euphrasia of Klamar garden "Eufrozinka"
female Elodea of Klamar garden "Lada"
female Erica of Klamar garden "Erika"


9.2. We start a new year with very good news! Kamila is pregnant and we are waiting puppies on beginning of March! More detail on PUPPIES page .