KLAra Tydlitová


MARkéta Děkánková

OF KLAMAR GARDEN kennel was founded in 2004 on behalf of my name Markéta Děkánková. As you can guess from it´s name, I am not the only one to take care of my “garden”.

In our family it somehow happened that a dogwoman maniac was born to normal parents. And as you can´t have too much of good thing, the younger daughter was influenced by her elder sister as well. Therefore we really would like to thank our parents for coping the living with us and our dogs, which not always is easy.

Attending elementary school we first experienced worries and joy of living with canis domesticus – our first cocker spaniel female Kate(without pedigree). Two more cocker spaniels joined our family after Kate – liver “Caro z Litomysle” and black with markings “Assim z Gájina rodu”. Both of them had pedigrees and so were not only our pet dogs. We had tasted not only the show atmosphere with them, but  the demanding coat trimming and brushing as well as hunting activity enriched us of many beautiful moments.

In 1995 the inevitable meeting took place at the International Dog show in Brno, where we saw the English Springer Spaniel (ESS) Ch “Bomaris Orient Express” for the first time. We were astonished and charmed by this canine “nobleman” and thus Springer Spaniels became a part of our lives. In June eight “Bobby´s puppies were born in the Czech kennel “Ze Zibrovky” and everything was clear from that time.

In the end of summer 1995 my first Springer Spaniel black and white male CESAR Z DOKTURKU joined me. He was the nicest present for my 18th birthday I had given myself! Klara and her husband´s home was enlarged too, as white and liver Springer Spaniel female CLODIN Z DOKTURKU became a new member of their family.

I and my sister started our handling career. Cesar and Clodin were successful at the shows above all expectation – Cesar had won Best Junior of the Club show of Spaniel Club in Switzerland and Clodin at the age of 9 months had gained BOB at the National Show in Hradec Kralove. In the following two show seasons Cesar became Champion of Poland and had also passed his field trial and blood trial. Clodin became Champion of the Czech republic and Poland and had gained 3 CCs in Germany and became Interchampion. Having passed her field and blood trials in 1998 she was the primary foundation bitch of Galaxy Bohemia kennel. Best known of her offspring is Ch ALLSPICE GALAXY BOHEMIA and MultiCh. BUD SPENCER GALAXY BOHEMIA. Unfortunately this promising breeding line ended up when Clodin´s daughter “Spice” gave birth to one male only, who was given an Indian name CZE-NE-KA.

Champions, show results and numerous wins are not the only contentment when living with Springer Spaniels. We were lucky enough to meet many great people whose friendship we really appreciate. While looking for a stud dog for Clodin we had met Schleichr family (Aus der Gerberstadt kennel) and we highly respect their knowledge of Springer Spaniel breed. We also thank them for our “Charles” – HEARTBREAKER Aus der Gerberstadt, who became a member of Klara´s family in 2000. Mating “Spice” and Ich Vagabond of Skyway had started up our nice friendship with Ms. Barbara Illenschitz (Winterwater Creek´s kennel), who is a person of wide scope for Springers.

Concerning me, I was most influenced by meeting Ms. Catherine Thomas, the owner of “DE SYRINGA” kennel – English Cocker Spaniels and English Springer Spaniels. In summer 2001 I and Cesar set off to La Roche town to spend 3 weeks of summer job there. I worked in “Chenil de la Maison Rouge” – a hotel for cats and dogs. I must admit it was not a bed of roses in the high season during holiday, but my reward was definitely worth it! A Springer Spaniel lovely female CIBOULETTE DE SYRINGA, 3 months old at that time and my future primary foundation bitch of Klamar Garden kennel. I returned to the Czech republic with “Cibi” and an attractive job offer – to work in Switzerland for some time. After concerning all pros and cons I had decided to accept this offer and in January 2002 Cesar and Cibi followed me back to Switzerland. Nevertheless I had no idea that my stay with Ms. Thomas would get a bit longer and Cibi would have time enough to change from a small puppy to a beautiful dog lady.

I have found my second home in La Roche and my friendship with Catherine and her family will always remain the greatest “victory” in the field of Springer Spaniels. I had spent more than 3 years there working with beautiful dogs.. Experience and knowledge I have gained there is above any price.

Having returned back to the Czech republic I would like to use all the above mentioned experience in Klamar Garden kennel. I believe that with the help of my team we will definitely be able to breed sound and healthy Springer Spaniels who will become an essential part of new owners´ lives!