30.12. A new photos of Dustin (Buxus of Klamar Garden) and Lea (Buddleja of Klamar Garden) on their pages.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year for all our friends!

17.11. International dog show Prag

Acer of Klamar Garden - Exc.1,CAC,CACIB,BOB

and nomination for Cruft show

Big congratulation!!!!

20.11. Our B-puppies sent to us a new photos. All on their pages...

07.11. Berry - Berberis and his "home" friends


Lea - Buddleja and her friend


Bobina - Bombina and her friends



06.11. We changed our adress. Now we are living in the vilage Choltice near town Pardubice.

01.11. A litlle change on the page LITTERS and PUPPIES - new photos, new links on page LINKS - Acer, Buxus and Bombina of Klamar Garden

27.10. Working test Ceská Lípa - ACER OF KLAMAR GARDEN - I. price

Carda is up for breeding. Big congratulation!!!

26.10. New photos of our girls on the page PUPPIES

24.10. Dustin - Buxus of Klamar Garden 3,5 months old


Abelia of Klamar Garden sent to us news about her holiday activities :))

9.9. Klub show Poland - Exc.1, CWC8.9. Dog show Warszawa - Exc.225.8. International Dog show Bialymstok - Exc.1, CWC, CACIB, BOB11.8. Dog show Sopocie - Very good

Big congratulation to her owner !!!!


19.10.Working test Nové Jirny

Acer of Klamar Garden - didn´t finish Azalea of Klamar Garden - III.price with 226 pionts

9.10. A visit by our big friend Adelka...

6.10. International dog show Ceské Budejovice

Acer of Klamar GardenExc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG 4

29.9. International dog show Wroclaw - Polsko

Big congratulation to all succesfull Klamar Garden members, especially to Azalea and Acacia for getting the title CHAMPION OF POLAND


Azalea of Klamar Garden - V1, CWC Acer of Klamar Garden - V1, CWC, CACIB, BOB Acacia of Klamar Garden - V1, CWC

25.09. Our puppies have discovered the interesting big world...

09.9. Poland spaniel club show - judge P. Lester (GB)

ABELIA OF KLAMAR GARDEN - Exc1, CWCBig congratulation to her owners!!!!!

09.9. Spaniel club show Brno-Žebetín, judge Tarja Hovila (Fin) AZALEA OF KLAMAR GARDEN - V1, CAC working class ACER OF KLAMAR GARDEN - V1, CAC working class ACACIA OF KLAMAR GARDEN - V3 open class CIBOULETTE DE SYRINGA - V3 champion class

The big congratulation!!!

04.9. Our puppies are 10 weeks old and they left for their new houses....New photos of our pricesses on the page PUPPIES 01.9. International Dog Show Mladá Boleslav - ACACIA OF KLAMAR GARDEN Exc.1, CAC25.8.New photos of our puppies on their page PUPPIES28.7. Stockerau in Austria - two dog showsSaturday - Spaniel Club Show - ACER OF KLAMAR GARDEN Exc. 3 judge L. Pichard Sunday - Europe Spaniel Dog Show - ACER OF KLAMAR GARDEN Exc. 2 judge J. Madsen 21.7. National Dog Show Mladá BoleslavACER OF KLAMAR GARDEN - Exc 1, CAC, National winerACACIA OF KLAMAR GARDEN - Exc 2, res CAC06.8. New oficial photos of our puppies on their page PUPPIES04.8. New photos of our puppies ...

26.7. New photos of our puppies on PUPPIES page.23.7. The puppies are four weeks old. They are well and enjoy the lovely summer! Some photos on their page.

4.7. The puppies are one week old and her mother made it possible to do the first photos of them... :-)))

27.6. A big day for our kennel... Puppies are born!!!! Ciboulette de Syringa has her babies - 5 girls and 2 boys. All are in good condition. 26.6. Abelia of Klamar Garden and dob show in PolandDog show Lublina : Exc 1, CWC, BOBInternational Dob show Krakow : Exc 1, CWC, res CACIB

23.6. International Dog show BrnoAzalea of Klamar Garden - Exc.1, CACAcer of Klamar Garden - Exc.2, res CAC

01. - 03.06 Our Azalea of Klamar Garden was on the three day dog show in Slovakia

National dog show Senec - Exc1, CAC best bitchInternational dog show Nitra - Exc1, CAC, CACIB

Special spaniel dog show KCHPS - Exc1, CAC best bitch

29.05. Abelca (Abelia of Klamar Garden) and new photos of her hard dog life ....:-)

26.05. Great day for our kennel

SPECIAL SPANIEL DOG SHOW in Prague Azalea of Klamar Garden Exc.2, res CAC

WORKING ABILITY TEST Acacia of Klamar Garden I. price

Acer of Klamar Garden II.price


23.05. Ultrasound has confirmed that Ciboulette is pregnant! We are expecting puppies in the end of June... ¨

19.05. International Dog Show Litomerice Azalea of Klamar Garden: Exc.1, CAC, CACIB Acer of Klamar Garden: Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOBBig congratulation to both and thanks for a very good representation of our kennel! 13.05. National Dog Show - Jelenia Gora - Poland and our Klamargarden´s....Acacia of Klamar Garden: Exc.1, CAC, Best Bitch, BOBAzalea of Klamar Garden: Exc.1, CAC, Best working dog in showAcer of Klamar Garden: Exc.1, CAC, Best male

Acacia ...

Azalea - best working dog in show

Acer - best male
Acacia - best bitch and BOB

27. - 28.04 Ciboulette de Syringa was mated to english boy Petranella Perfick! Many thanks to Christine Savell and her husband for their warm welcome! We are expecting a very interesting litter in the end of June!

28.04 International Dog Show Prague ... Big congratulation to our "juniors" and their handlers

Azalea : Exc1, CAC, res.CACIB Acer : Exc1, CAC, CACIB Acacia : Exc1, CAC

24.04. The dog show season is starting well for our "juniors"Acer of Klamar Garden - 21.4. Ceské Budejovice - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB Abelia of Klamar Garden - Nowy Dvur Mazowiecki - Exc.1, CWC and BOS

04.04.2007 We have the results of Hips score of our juniorsZaza (Azalea of Klamar garden) BAgáta (Acacia of Klamar garden) ACarda (Acer of Klamar garden) A24.02.2007 CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW of Southern English Springer Spaniel Society in England Ciboulette de Syringa was the first Czech ESS shown at this show in England! She was places 5th in the Limit Class and picked up VHC under Mrs. Muirhead (Shipden). It was a big day for our kennel and many thanks to our lovely Cibuli....


10.02.2007 International dog show Brno - Azalea of Klamar Garden Exc.1, CAC, CACIB and BOB. Big congratulation to Nora and Zaza!


12.01.2007 National Dog Show Olomouc

klubovka1.jpg (28184 bytes) Azalea of Klamar Garden V1 CAC


klubovka1.jpg (28184 bytes) Acacia of Klamar Garden V3

more photos on Agata web page www.acacia.wz.cz/


07.01.2007 A new photos of Zaza - Azalea, Agátka - Acacia, Cenda - Allium, Bobeš - Amaranthus = LITTERS21.12.2006 The news in the page PUPPIES 2.12.2006 National dog show Nowa Ruda in Poland

Acacia of Klamar Garden Exc1, CWCAzalea of Klamar Garden Exc1, CWC, Best bitch

klubovka1.jpg (28184 bytes)